20 May 2014

Playlist for the KZYX classical music program "Ensemble" 20 May 2014


20 May 2014: Tony Miksak sitting in for Alan Kendall 8 - 10 pm “Ensemble”

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Tonight we will be hearing the music of Zelenka, Dvorak, Cherubini, Beethoven, and Gordon Jacob

8:00 pm
Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) Trio Sonata No. 3 in B flat     16:23
Performed by Camerata Bern. “Amateurs expecting to find music designed for aristocratic or bourgeois amateurs quickly found themselves out of the depth. This is difficult music, not just technically, but requiring sophisticated understanding of how to phrase and shape it.”

Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904) “The Wild Dove” aka”The Wood Dove” op 110 (1896) 19:08
Performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra under Jiri Belohlavek.
The Wild Dove is the fourth orchestral poem composed by Dvorak. The story is taken from a poem collection titled Kytice, written by Karel Jaromir Erben. Dvoark set a number of these poems to music at various times, and in his later years, when his worked turned almost exclusively to choral works and chamber music, the only exception being a few tone poems, of which the most lovely certainly is this one, The Wild Dove. It is based on a rather gruesome story, with an unhappy ending, so instead of disturbing your evening, I’ll just play the music now and let you imagine the rest.

Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842)      String Quartet No. 1 in E flat major (1814) 35:05
Performed by Hausmusik London.
Cherubini is remembered for his long career in choral and sacred music. But he also wrote some chamber music, including six string quartets. This first quartet, to me, sounds almost conversational, perhaps operatic and theatrical. Robert Schumann pointed to this new quality in a review in his music magazine in 1838. He said in part, “One first has to accustom oneself to the special spirit of this, his quartet style; it is not the dear old mother tongue in which we are addressed.”

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Tonight we have heard the music of Zelenka, Dvorak, Cherubini. Coming up: Beethoven, Gordon Jacob

Ludwig van Beethoven   Piano Sonata in C minor, Opus 111 (1822) 19:42
note: tracks 7 & 8!
Performed by Richard Goode
We heard Richard Goode in an all-Beethoven program last Sunday on the stage of Weill Hall, at the Green Music Center on the campus of Sonoma State in Rohnert Park. It was a stunning, no-nonsense, no-encore, standing ovation, whale of a concert. Absolutely thrilling. He ended the concert with Beethoven’s last piano sonata, the last of 32. It is in two movements – the first Maestoso, Allegro con Brio Appassionato; the second Arietta, or little song: Adagio Molto Semplice e Cantabile – very plain and yet singing. It’s a theme and variations, but also Beethoven’s farewell song to the piano. This recording was made in 1993.

Gordon Jacob (1895-1984) Quintet for Clarinet and String Quartet (1942) 29:43
Performed by members of the Premier Chamber Orchestra with Charles Russo on clarinet.

as needed ... Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano (1969) ...Gordon Jacob

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