10 December 2009

How do you like your e-reader?

Questions for a new Kindle user...

1.      Are you happy with the thing?
2.      How are you using it in real life and what are you reading now?
3.      Best thing(s) about it?
4.      Aspect(s) you don't like?
5.      Are you concerned about going obsolete?
6.      Some report a drawback not being able to share Kindle books with
friends. What do you think?
7.      Have you tried reading a book on a computer? How was the experience
compared to an e-reader?
8.      How & why did you pick Kindle over other e-readers? Have you been
able to compare with other e-readers?
9.      Are you comfortable with the tech features and how to use them?
11.     Is the screen too small? Big? Just right? Howabout the font(s)?
Happy with black and white?
14.     Anything else you'd want me to know?

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