01 February 2012

My Application

This is what I wrote on my application to give away books on World Book Night...

Where do you intend to give away your books? (please give as much detail as possible)
I don't shop often at Safeway, preferring the local organic foods market and the locally owned bigger store. I see all my friends in these two locations, but few people I know in Safeway. Therefore, it will be a nervy challenge for me personally, and a great opportunity to approach relative strangers with such a magical gift.

To whom do you intend to give your books?
I'll be looking for people I never saw in my bookstore, people perhaps not dressed expensively. If I have copies of Because of Winn Dixie I'll look for children approx 8 - 13. Bel Canto is a fairly high level book but full of excitement and tension -- can be read purely on the adventure level so it won't be "literate" and offputting, but it is quite deep when one ponders what happens and the implications. Also has quite an emotional punch to it. People who read this book remember it.

Why do you want to give this book away? (less than 100 words)
As an independent bookseller for 26 years in Mendocino CA I recommended books endlessly; but never had the opportunity to give away a pile of them. What a pleasure and a treat to do this!

Note: it's "fewer than 100 words" not "less than..." but I didn't write that on the application. I want those books!

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